Bluetooth Phonebook Access Profile coming to Windows 10

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Despite giving up on mobile phones, Microsoft is still working on adding certain phone capabilities to the upcoming Windows 10 feature updates.

Technically, this could happen because of two reasons. First, Microsoft may launch Andromeda, a new device that may also boast support for at least some of these features.

And second, LTE-capable devices, which are becoming more common these days in the Windows 10 ecosystem, need them for enhanced functionality.

In Windows 10, Microsoft was already offering support for Bluetooth 5.0, but certain features were missing, like this Bluetooth Phonebook Access Profile. This allows devices to access contacts via Bluetooth, again with the purpose of offering phone capabilities and synchronization.

Windows 10 Mobile going dark

As MSPU notes, this feature was already available on Windows 10 Mobile because this is a platform where it obviously makes sense, but bringing it to PCs makes many wonder how Microsoft wants to improve the desktop-oriented operating system.

The Redmond-based software giant could use the new profile as part of its Your Phone app push. Your Phone is an application that brings Windows 10 PCs and Android or iOS devices in sync, allowing users to perform certain tasks without unlocking their handsets.

For instance, on Android users can access the photo gallery on the phone right from the PC, and more recently, the app has been updated with support for text messaging.

In the meantime, Microsoft continues to remain fully committed to its Android and iOS push. Apps that the company is offering to users on these two platforms are being updated regularly with new features, as Microsoft wants to provide all customers with the same tools regardless of the mobile operating system they chose.

Windows 10 Mobile is still in maintenance mode and it rarely makes the headlines these days, as it’s expected to go dark in July 2019 once and for all.

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